Friday, September 18, 2009

we absolutely heart this piece!
toga has jus found its soulmate with batik prints
forming an absolute gorgeous piece...
fully smoked all around at the bottom parts
encuffing your thighs..
if you're one of the bold types. show off your moves with this top, as the sleeves
will totally dance and sway along with you..
look at how well it goes with a high waist skirt..perfection... *faints*

batik toga godess available in:

batik flower prints*SOLD


Featured in Diary of An E-shopaholic

Breathtaking ruched designs round top
Brown meet dark ocean blue...
with hearty rose prints...
We let the pictures do the talking..

*non restockable*
fits uk 4-8

RM 44

spotted in forever 21
pics credit to

Front and back laced with perfection
suggestive see through quality lace behind
and tiered ruffles all the way down

just spread the feminine adoration
around bringing sexy back will ya

Fits UK 4-10
Rm 55

this is the what we absolutely need
detachable pinafore straps on high waisted skirt
thick material with functioning front buttons and zippers
back pockets n slit...

wear it high waisted with power suits for work
or pinafore it with tank tops..u decide...cause we're spoilt..;)

S -*SOLD (fits uk 4-8) 24"-28"
M-*SOLD (fits uk 8-14)28"-32"

RM 46

Vintage inspired tote with
I Love Lucy from the American sit-com comedy all the way from the 50's!
make this your fashion statement
grab this at

RM 35

Balenciaga drawstring bucket bag

chanel drawstring bucket bag
pics credit to

3 way faux leather bucket bag
am in love with the gold details
studs buckles and zips..

available in

Navy Blue*SOLD OUT
black*SOLD OUT

(seen for RM95 in a shop!!)

Checkered casuals rules...Well, we aint pros in bags..
But there's always humble beginnings..
wear it sling or shoulder strap...
Made of soft cotton material with side pockets

Get others green eye envy

RM 25

Checkered nylon leggings..
With silver linings between checks..
A dash of checks n sophistication
to our what we all need


"loving it"
are you? cos i totally am! ;)
we shall let the pictures speak for itself,
simply adore the many ways u can wear it...
free size

basic button on tube
beautifully smoked at the waist
functioning buttons
made of thick good quality satin
fits uk8-uk12 best
RM30 only


now what do we have here?
looks like the pinafore is still a popular hit..!
best of all. it can be turned into a high waist skirt in 2 seconds! voila~!
if you havent gotten yourself a cute pinafore to go with your fav blouse? why not?

PLUS... this pinafore comes in a set with a simply adorable white top with little puff sleeves absolutely FREE!!!!
good cotton white tee mind u.. 2 pieces for the price of one!? *giggles*
i'd say grab em girls!

available in
green *SOLD



RM24 only
available in

light gray
black *SOLD

*cheapest around town! =)*

Toga cant get any better
with woven details..
Pair it with shorts n gladiators
and you're all set for sunny outings! =)

Grab yours for

we've got pinafores all around us.
but how bout a pinafore with sweet vertical pinstripes
buttons and an adjustable bubble hem?
somthing different from the conventional black or white pinafores =)

fits uk4 to uk12

(Seen in another blog for RM48!)

rings and roses

Align Centerkimono blues

the black and white party

a kimono's story of love

purple raindrops

how delightful!
more beautful floral kimonos for you girls.. =)
these designs are simply breathtaking.
fresh and lovely pieces, all limited babes.
featured with fluttering sleeves with a tie back ribbon.
awesome piece here babes


rings and roses*SOLDOUT
kimono blues*SOLDOUT
black and white party*SOLDOUT
a kimono's love story *SOLDOUT
purple raindrops*SOLDOUT

Align Center

ahh... a kimono and floral patterns.
the equation to ultimate feminine-ness
check out the gorgeous prints.. i think its simply LOVELY..
don't u think?
made of good jersey material
loving the way it hugs to your body.

going for RM39 only!!

green petals*SOLD OUT
pink petals *SOLD OUT
blue petals *1SOLD OUT
brown petals *SOLD OUT

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