Friday, September 18, 2009

sold out

Ever stumbled upon uniqueness of such halter?
We absolutely adore every single detail on this top
from the gold trimmings to the sewn on beads and
especially the little charm in the center which
screams glam and tempts you to this top....

Sweet toothers could charm your way away
and maybe stop traffic in this indie charm treasure
fits uk8 to uk 14 best.
*not recommended for petites.. sorry!

Comes in 5 beautiful colors...

green-sold out
black-sold out
peach- sold out
red- sold out
brown- sold out

RM36 only

this bejeweled back top is so sexy that it send shivers down my spine babes. period. =)
come bare your sexy back in this daring piece for only

This classy version of zipped up dress
brings the all new zipper trend up on notch...

with a white blouse inside ur all set as work gear
Wear it by itself you're all set to
command attention with an attitude...
despite being a dress, with the silver zip up and
flowy black material gives a cool appeal
Comes with a tie on belt, adjustable back strap
and functioning zipper...

yours for
RM 49*LAST PIECE in black

seen selling in a boutique for RM79.90

featured on a shopaholic's den

Fancy a dress which dazzle
an audience?
Made of satin and floral prints
to work your way as the sunshine gal

Floral lure for the tropical climate of ours
Entice people's anticipation
of great dressing!!

RM 42

*Seen selling at RM99 in a boutique in sungei wang!STEAL BABES!

little cherry blossoms

valentines roses

vintage roses

English roses

Forget me not Daisies

this is Simply gorgeous.
We couldnt believe our eyes when we found these tube dresses!
it's floral patterns just melted our hearts, along with that smooth satin material
and the heart shaped bust line, this is THE dress to wear...
*accessories not included*

Little Cherry Blossoms-SOLD
Valentines Roses*SOLD
Vintage Roses*SOLD
English Roses-SOLD
Forget Me not Daisies-*SOLD


Featured in A Shopaholics Den

These lovely checkered tops couldn't look any better.
It carries so much zest and chicness yet
it has all the cute factors with it without looking tacky
check out those buttons and that heart shape bust line..!!
i absolutely adore them.. i bet u do too! =)
complete with a removable ribbon, side zipper,
detatchable and adjustable shoulder straps and a smoked back too!

RM35 only

red/white big checks-black ribbon*SOLD
Blue/black big checks-white ribbon*SOLD
black/white small checks-pink ribbon*SOLD
blue/black small checks-black ribbon*SOLD

Absolutely adorable
Corsets inspired tops are
totally rawkin this season
Meant to enhance shape of the torso
and a tad hint of bustline..

It comes in fantastic
block colours
that dominates the runway lately too...
This makes us feel we couldn't ask for more...

Fuchsia Pink*SOLD
Cobalt Blue*SOLD
Apple Green*SOLD

RM 35

little miss suzie
not your typical girl next door kinda dress
yet has that touch of girly-ness with an additional dash of sweetness
and boldness. a dress? or a high waist tulip pleated skirt perhaps?
let it be your pick! =) 2 way clothes are super steals!
completed with a smoked back with a side zipper
fits uk6 to uk12

only 1 piece available!!


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